What are the Causes of Oil Mixing with Engine Water?

We would like to explain to you the answers to your questions about the reasons for mixing the oil into the engine water, which is one of the most common events. Let's take a look at the reasons for the mixing of oil in the engine water, which we do not see very often, especially in new generation vehicles, but if it is seen, it will cause very high costs. First of all, you can do this job yourself, but you need to be a little prone to these works. In order to determine whether the oil mixes with the engine water, you must first remove the radiator hoses. If there is a slight oil layer in the hoses, it is the biggest indicator of oil mixing with the engine water. Apart from this, you can have information by looking inside the engine water container. In particular, the fact that the inside of the engine water container is brown is the biggest indicator of oil mixing with the water. Why does oil mix with engine water? In this regard, the fact that the upper cover gasket s